Resurrection Song Podcast/MP3

So here I go again. Here's a song on the resurrection. You have to forgive the vocals and the arrangement. After all I'm just an amateur :). I can't read notes, I play by ear, and just adjust the equalizer on your media player if you can't understand what I'm singing. Better yet, read the lyrics while the song is being sung! But I hope this song will be a blessing to you this Easter. Click here for the melody and vocals. Below are the lyrics.


The Powers of Darkness thought they'd won the victory

When they saw the Son of God defeated, hanging on a tree

None of them had any inkling that the Lord was actually winning

It was by the way of dying that there came the power of living


He descended into hell. Satan's victory was complete.

What the devil did not know was his victory was short-lived

Then came Sunday the first Easter

Hell was shaken by God's power

"Son of glory, hear thy Father

Rise again and live forever!"

(Chorus 1)

For thou shalt rise again, thou shalt rise again

For thy Father hath decreed to perform this mighty deed

To raise thee back to life, to raise thee back to life

Thou shalt rise!


There was panic all around, pandemonium broken loose

All of hell in deep confusion, none can hinder his release

God hath spoken, hath commanded

Satan and his hosts confounded:

"We must keep him here forever!"

But the Son of God cried "Never!"

(Chorus 2)

For I will rise again, I will rise again

For my Father hath decreed to perform this mighty deed

To raise me back to life, to raise me back to life

I shall rise, I shall rise!


Hallelujah, the Lord is risen!

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