The Church and the Postmodern World

Sorry, sorry for no posts for a number of days. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm busy teaching constitutional law this summer and practicing law at the same time. I'm also busy preparing for the church history class that I'll be teaching when seminary opens in June. I'm halfway through Renwick and Harman's The Story of the Church which I hope to finish today, and next I'll be reading Bruce Shelley's Church History in Plain Language. I finished David Well's Above All Earthly Pow'rs a couple of days ago. I hope to do some posts on his book sometime soon, but for now the following quote will have to do:

"The postmodern world, however, is neither ours to join nor ours to overcome. Despite its glitter and brilliance it conceals its own fallenness and unbelief and so we must not join it. And we cannot overcome it by marketing, or any other kind of technique because these techniques do not scratch the surface of its real issues, which are those of sin. Indeed, it is entirely unnecessary to even think about overcoming the postmodern world because it has already been overcome in its sin. It is only ours to see the victory of Christ on the Cross being realized afresh in the actual circumstances of our time."

— pp. 316-17

2 thoughts on “The Church and the Postmodern World”

  1. Hi rjc,

    Sorry, but PCBS beside City Hall (Luzuriaga) no longer has a copy because I bought it! 🙂 But go there anyway and look for Gina, the manager. She can help you order a copy from Evangelical Outreach, Quezon City. You can also order a copy from

  2. i want to read about this book author David F. Wells and i want to give it to my pastor to read also , any idea where can i buy this book?. im in bacolod City, hope anyone can give me a store or e-store to buy i cheap price . thanx alot

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