We have a popular church in our city which goes by the name Ikthus. For those who want to know what that name means, here’s what I discovered:

“IESOUS XREISTOS THEOU UIOS SOTER… If, moreover, you string together the initial letters of the five Greek words in question, you get the Greek word, Ichthys, which means fish. This, by mystical application, is a name for Christ, because, as a fish can live in the depths of the waters, Christ was able to live in the abyss of our mortality without sin, which is truly to live.”

— Augustine, The City of God, (Image Books edition 1958) p. 400

2 thoughts on “Ichthys/Ikthus”

  1. Atty Cortez, my friend here wants to raise a question and would really appreciate if you can share your opinion about it. You know her because she is your student just this summer, Ms. Chris Mae Olis.

    Atty. Entila told them that a LAW has been recently passed named “JUVENILE SYSTEM LAW”. This law exempts children whose ages are 15 and below from any criminal liabilities that they might commit. This has been applied in a certain case already involving a 15-year old boy in a rape case. This case has been dismissed by the court because of the said LAW.

    So, what is your opinion about the LAW? It would be best if you could discuss it here in your blog by posting it as a separate entry so that many people, especially law students, can be enlightened.

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