Wanted: Apologists

I found this quote on The Christian Mind and I just had to copy it and paste it here. Though written over 30 years ago it’s still relevant to us today – in fact, more than ever!

“I pray earnestly that God will raise up today a new generation of Christian apologists or Christian communicators, who will combine an absolute loyalty to the biblical gospel and an unwavering confidence in the power of the Spirit with a deep and sensitive understanding of the contemporary alternatives to the gospel; who will relate the one to the other with freshness, pungency, authority and relevance; and who will use their minds to reach other minds for Christ.”

John Stott, Your Mind Matters, p. 52


  1. It is for quotes and sharings like this that gives people like – who just stumbled upon your blog – answers to some of their concerns and troubles. You can never really predict or know for certain who will come upon your blog – but for me, one thing I am sure of is that the Lord uses you to explain His will to the lost.

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