Book Additions

I was in Manila for a couple of days doing something for a client and got the chance to pass by Power Books at Robinson’s Malate and SM Mega Mall to buy the following:

1. John Calvin: Selections from His Writings (Harper Collins Spiritual Classics, edited by Emilie Griffin)

2. Jaroslav Pelikan’s Whose Bible Is It? subtitled A Short History of The Scriptures, which I’m now reading. Very Interesting!

3. Augustine’s Confessions (translated by Garry Wills). I already have the Ryan translation which I’ve read a couple of times, but I’m giving this a try so as to at least gain a fresh perspective.

And from the Manila Domestic Airport:

1. John Blanchard’s Is God Past His Sell-By Date? I’m very interested in apologetics nowadays because I’m teaching a class on the subject. So I bought this book!

2. David Prior’s The Message of 1 Corinthians. Of course, I have to collect commentaries on the Bible for preaching purposes.

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