Great Lawyers of Bacolod City

I was in court this morning listening to older lawyers talk about local history. While listening to them talk it occurred to me that it would be sad if no one wrote anything about the great lawyers of Bacolod City (or of Negros Occidental). So earlier this afternoon I went to the office of Atty. Adoniram Pamplona (one of our elder lawyers here in Bacolod; he’s now in his late sixties) and asked for a few names. Here are the names he came up with:

1. Don Agustin Seva

2. M.O. Soriano

3. Eduardo Arboledo (and his sons, Eduardo Arboledo, Jr. and Antonio Arboledo)

I have never heard of these names before and it would be a pity if they were to be lost to posterity. So I think I have got myself a project to work on. It may be that some people reading this blog might just happen to know these guys.

6 thoughts on “Great Lawyers of Bacolod City”

    1. Hi Chis, I’m sorry but I’m given to understand that these lawyers I mentioned have already passed away. Maybe you should visit the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Bacolod Chapter if you want to know more about lawyers here in Bacolod. Its office is on the 3rd floor of the Hall of Justice, Bacolod City.

  1. Hi Atty cortes and Joe

    I was looking at good lawyers here in Bacolod city and came accross this blog.

    I am actually in need of help from a lawyer that is good with Libel cases. I am not rich and could not really afford a high profiled lawyer and was searching through the internet for names. I hope both of you could help me..

    God bless you both!

    My contact number– 0921-542-7899.

  2. Dear Atty,

    Sad to say that I only have read your post re Great Lawyers of Bacolod City… Your article was yet written April 3, 2007. I just would like you to know that Don Agustin Seva is my Grandfather and I am willing to help you with what ever I cold.



    1. Hi Joe, I’m glad that you found my blog. I’m really sorry I haven’t followed up on this post. I’m just so busy; but I do hope to follow this up someday. Hope I could get to meet you one of these days.

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