Books … Again!

 Earlier this evening I was at BookSale, ShoeMart-Bacolod and was overjoyed to find the following new arrivals (2nd hand, of course), which I promptly bought:

1. Creed Without Chaos (Exploring Theology in the Writings of Dorothy L. Sayers) by Laura K. Simmons

2. Reel Spirituality (Theology and Film in Dialogue) by Robert K. Johnston

3. The Theater of His Glory (Nature and the Natural Order in the Thought of John Calvin) by Susan E. Schreiner

4. The Case for Faith (A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity) by Lee Strobel

5. Favorite Psalms (Growing Closer to God) by John Stott

6. Looking into the Future (Evangelical Studies in Eschatology), edited by David W. Baker

7. Alister McGrath and Evangelical Theology (A Dynamic Engagement), edited by Sung Wook Chung

8. God, Truth and Witness (Engaging Stanley Hauerwas)

9. Selling Ourselves Short (Why We Struggle to Earn a Living and Have a Life) by Catherine M. Wallace

Also, a couple of days ago I bought Stanley Hauerwas’ With the Grain of the Universe. Having good books to add to my library is always a cause for celebration as well as for thanksgiving, as far I’m concerned! Now, if only there was time to read all of them . . .

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