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Now that the elections are over so are my election duties. That means it’s back to blogging! So many things have happened in the world of theology: Beckwith’s return to Rome, Falwell’s death (many years ago I had a chance to study at Liberty College but my parents decided against it), etc.  I can’t blog so much on these things at this time, except to say I bought 2 books by former evangelicals who converted to Rome: Rome Sweet Home and Crossing the Tiber. I want to make sure I truly understand such former evangelicals’ reasons for converting so that I can be fair in my assessment of them. Because the Philippines is a predominantly Roman Catholic country it’s a given that most of your friends, co-workers, relatives, teachers, classmates, etc. are Roman Catholics. For that reason, it’s usual here for an evangelical to graduate from a Catholic school, to attend the Catholic wedding of a sister or the Catholic baptism of a niece or to be life-long friends with a classmate who is now a priest. In fact, here you don’t have to be a Catholic in order to be a godfather or godmother of the bride and groom in a Catholic wedding or of a child in a Catholic baptism. In the same way, here you don’t have to be Protestant in order to a godfather or godmother of the bride and groom in a Protestant wedding. Moreover, mixed marriages between Catholics and Protestants in this country are not only not rare but may even be quite frequent. And, given our cultural situation, this is not at all surprising. Whatever the doctrinal implications of these things may be, the fact  remains that, more or less, this is the way things are in our culture.

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