Lost But Not Nothing

I drank a cup of strong coffee tonight and thus could not sleep. It’s midnight yet I’m in no way drowsy, so I picked up my copy of the Francis A. Schaeffer Trilogy. As I read the following passage made quite an impression on me that I simply had to post it here:

The Bible teaches that though man is hopelessly lost, he is not nothing. Man is lost because he is separated from God, his true reference point, by true moral guilt. But he will never be nothing. Therein lies the horror of his lostness. For man to be lost, in all his uniqueness and wonder, is tragic

(Inter-Varsity Press, 1990 ed., p. 268)

I guess if truth were to be told, all of us, at one time or another, have sensed the fact of our lostness without God, but we have come up with many ways to dull the pain. The thought that there is a God to whom we are accountable is too frightening and burdensome. Think of all the fun we would miss if God is really out there! Could it be that the denial of God’s existence is not really the result of an objective view of the pertinent evidence but simply the offshoot of the realization that God’s existence is a threat to man’s cherished freedom to sin with impunity?

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