Now you see me …

… now you don’t. This blog has been semi-abandoned, and I guess that’s not surprising. I recently read somewhere that millions of blogs have been abandoned by their owners simply because it takes so much effort and energy to consistently maintain a blog. Anyway, I’m reappearing for now (and I don’t know for how long) because I can’t sleep and it crossed my mind that I still have a blog which I could re-activate anytime! So here goes…

The question is (as usual) what to blog about? Answer: probably anything that comes to mind at the moment. Like, for example, there’s my Shelfari shelf – if anyone’s interested to know what books I have and what I’m currently reading (click here).

And talking about books: the one that’s really making an impact on me lately is Foster’s Freedom of Simplicity. Here’s a quote:

“Turn your back on all high pressure competitive situations that make climbing the ladder the central focus… There is a legitimate place for blood, sweat and tears; but it should have its roots in the call of God, not in the desire to get ahead. Life is more than a climb to the top of the heap.” (p. 155)

Now that’s something every lawyer (and not just lawyers) needs to hear. Which reminds me, I just talked with a much older lawyer earlier today. He’s successful and well-known in the profession locally. But he advised me point-blank: “Don’t try to be like me. I’m not happy.”

On the other hand, another lawyer-friend said to me, “To be a lawyer is a blessing, not a curse. Not everyone has a chance to become a lawyer. Moreover, you enjoy a lot of things as a result of your being a lawyer: food on your table, money to pay for your children’s tuition, a roof over your head, you get to help people who need your services, etc. So don’t go around badmouthing the profession!”

Well, one can always strike a happy balance between these two views. I’m thankful I’m a lawyer but that doesn’t mean I have to be “in desperate haste to succeed and in such a desperate enterprise.” One can be a faithful steward of the vocation God has given him or her, without overdoing things.

” Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, to work with your hands, just as we told you.” (I Thess. 4:11)

Author: attycortes

Filipino lawyer, preacher, composer.

One thought on “Now you see me …”

  1. I’m glad you’re into the simplicity of life thing. Paul said in his letters that contentment is great gain. True hapiness comes in doing His will. As a lawyer, you are an agent of justice. Justice comes from God for He is a God of justice. Most of the time, the path to righteousness is a lonely path. It seems that you are the only one walking on it. Do not be despair, Jesus said ” I am with you till the end of the age”. What makes our life heavy is the pursuit of worldy hapiness that never ends. Take a hold of that Joy that is in you hand; joy that will truly last.

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