Silence in the Soul

If there never be a silence in the soul, and a man goes on always with his own thoughts and schemes and endeavours, it brings about a moral and spiritual madness. That is tenfold worse than mere madness in the brain, when a man judges everything by false ways, puts a wrong value on everything, thinks little of great things and much of little things—that is a common way with all of us more or less, only, thank God, with some of us it is growing less.

There comes a silence every now and then; and God makes it just to put a stop to this kind of thing, and give himself a chance of speaking.


One thought on “Silence in the Soul”

  1. Thanks for quoting this.
    I was explaining to a friend that looking for meteors an hour before dawn is a perfect way to pray. He couldn’t understand why. I think George MacD. encapsuled my feeling perfectly.
    I think someone I trusted lied to me. But watching those meteors and listening instead of ‘scheming’ allowed me once again to trust in His perfect will for everything in my life.
    Saw 3 meteors 🙂

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