Manton on the Angels

The subject of angels is a mysterious one, but one thing we know: Scripture teaches that they are charged with the care of God’s people: “The angel of the Lord encampeth about them that fear him.” (Ps. 34:7). Here’s a summary of what Thomas Manton, a 17th century puritan, has to say about the role of angels in caring for God’s people in his Commentary on Jude:

1. It is certain that the angels had a great care about the people of God in ancient times.

2. The ministry of angels is not wholly ceased.

3. The proper object of their ministry and care are the children of God.

4. The ministry of angels is over all the children of God, without exception.

5. No angels are excepted from being employed in the ministry of caring for God’s children.

6. Every single believer has his proper and alloted angel to attend him from his birth to his death – although this is disputable.

7. There is an assurance of a guardianship and tutelage from angels (Ps. 91:11).

8. This tutelage is from their first conception in the womb till the translation of body and soul into glory.

9. This tutelage is ever administered according to God’s pleasure … their employment is to attend us, and serve us, according to the Lord’s direction.

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