Luther’s Song

This song was inspired by the reading of Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther


Man is justified by faith, this is what the Scriptures say,

And not by self-righteous deeds, on this rock my soul I stay,

I will trust in God alone, O what love my God hath shown,

To deliver a poor sinner such as I

Father Abraham believed, and accounted righteous he,

Being justified by faith, by God’s gracious love so free,

And no confidence have I in the flesh, it is a lie

To proclaim salvation comes through strength of man.


And here I stand by the grace of God

I believe that man is saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone

(repeat twice)

Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise,

I’m saved by faith alone in Christ and here I stand

Man is captive to sin’s reign and is powerless to be free

Helpless his soul to deliver unto glorious liberty

But there is one born of woman, the messiah, Second Adam,

Who hath burst the bonds of sin and set us free

Click HERE for the audio

Author: attycortes

Filipino lawyer, preacher, composer.

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