I Will Praise the Lord

Here’s a song I wrote about praising the Lord:

I. Often times it seems the enemy’s too strong, we stand up for the King, but the battle seems too long.

But I trust in God, I know we will prevail, we fight the powers of the air with power of believing prayer.

Chorus: I will praise the Lord though the battle goes against me, I will praise the Lord, I don’t care what happens to me

In the thick of the fight, I will trust in his might, I will praise the Lord and fight the good fight.

II. Do you sometimes feel the battle can’t be won, Cheer up, take heart be strong, you’re not in the fight alone.

The blessed Son of God is sure to be with us, in his powerful name we trust, and we shall win at last.

Click HERE for the audio.

Author: attycortes

Filipino lawyer, preacher, composer.

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