My Vocation

My vocation has become clearer as the years go by: to study the unchanging God without something else to do, some pragmatic reason or result. This is what I feel most called to do: simply enjoy the study of God – not write about it, not view it in relation to its political residue or imagine that my opinions will have some visible  social effect. The joy of inquiry into God is a sufficient end in itself, not only as a means to some practical consequence.

Thomas C. Oden, The Rebirth of Orthodoxy, p. 95

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

Author: attycortes

Filipino lawyer, preacher, composer.

2 thoughts on “My Vocation”

  1. hi Dennis, hope you and your family are well.We are great here in missouri. I worry about KCs reading though. now she takes two books every time we leave the house, cause she says she will finish one and start the next, grrrrrr. ebooks would be cheaper but she is like me preferring real ones. she is getting better then me on guitar and now playing mandolin and fiddle to. quite the young lady, if i can just keep the boys ran off. take care and God bless

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