Life Without Limits

My primary complaint against technology is the temptation it offers for us to live life without limits and boundaries, especially when it comes to the consumption of information. The endless stream of articles, music, podcasts, blogposts, news, tweets, email, etc. via the web, for example, is simply more than we can handle. Technology isn’t necessarily bad; in fact, a lot of good has come out of it. But it’s simply more than we can handle. The warning in Ecclesiastes (“To the making of books there is no end, and too much reading is a weariness of the flesh.”) is applicable not only to the reading of books. Three authors who have helped me gain a more balanced perspective on technology vis-a-vis life are Wendell Berry, Schumacher, and Thomas Merton. I could also add Thoreau. The lessons I’ve learned from them are: the importance of being bound to a particular place, keeping things small, and keeping things simple; i.e., to live life within limits. “Man is small, therefore, small is beautiful.” (Schumacher)

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