Selfish blogging?

Yesterday I said I’ll try blogging daily again. The question of course is, “What should I blog about?” Since my blog is about self-improvement (among others) in terms of clarifying my thoughts regarding things that interest me, it follows that I should blog about things that interest me. I hope this doesn’t come across to readers of this blog as being selfish. Of course, I care about readers of this blog, but, paradoxically, one way I care for them is simply to be true to my purpose. I assume some people read my blog because they find what I have to say interesting, and if ever that’s true it’s because I myself find the topics I write about interesting.

In any event, per Seth’s advice, one should blog daily even if no one else reads your blog because of the personal benefits one gets from the activity. Thankfully, some do read what I have to say; but, candidly, that’s more of a great by-product than the primary goal.

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