A Silky Life

My life is silky nowadays,
a piece of cloth that’s smooth and soft
and pleasant to the touch.

Success now comes too easily,
almost effortless it seems:
To work’s to drift complacently
towards a sober end.

And there’s the rub: I theorize
that too much honey isn’t good;
the gut can only take so much.
The body needs to rest from food!

However splendid is the dress,
all garments soon must tear.
However full of laughter,
the heart the cross must bear.

Let good times then be glad times,
the times of sunny cheer;
but soon will come the bad times,
the times of wintry fear.

My life is silky nowadays:
a shiny dress that’s fine to see
but one that cannot last.

©️ 2020 Dennis M. Cortes

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