USLS & UNOR 2009 Bar Passers

Congratulations to the new lawyers from USLS and UNO-R!

From USLS (thanks to Atty. Ralph Sarmiento for the info):

1. CRISTALES, Inban Q.
2. DEPASUCAT, Hope Marey B.
3. ENRILE, Christy Irene D.
4. GENTUGAYA, Norman Vincent O.
5. GUANZON, Kathlyn Joy M.
6. JAVELLANA, Gerardo B.
7. KATALBAS, Jubert P.
8. LIM, Elnathan C.
10. ORTEGA, Sarah T.
11. PLOTE√ĎA, Vivian T.
12. PRADAS, Liza D.
13. SACRAMENTO, Allan M.
14. VILLASTER, Michael Hanz D.

From UNO-R (Thanks to Atty. Jan Anthony Saril for the info):

Romella Amarilla, Edward Joseph Cuansing,
Auxilliador Avitus Dofelix, Jufran Gamboa, Elnora Orola-Abaygar, Nelsie
Patalita-Arcolas, Anabelle Palic and April Joan Pico-Elumba.

NOTE: the info above was simply copied from Facebook and pasted here.