Idols are non-gods and as such are much more congenial to us than God, for we not only have the pleasure of making them, using our wonderful imaginations and skills in creative ways, but also of controlling them. They are gods with all the God taken out so that we can continue to be our own gods… It is no wonder that idol-making and idol-worshiping have always been the most popular religious game in town.

And because it is so satisfying to us, it is difficult to see why there is anything so very wrong with it.

– Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Place, p. 254

Words of Communion

What are words for? Here’s Eugene Peterson’s take:

The gift of words is for communion… the only words that matter are words of communion. What is distressing is to find out how infrequently they are used… That makes it urgent that the Christian becomes a specialist in words of communion.

– Eugene H. Peterson, Living the Message, meditation for January 9