You know, it’s …

You know, it’s possible that God’s plan for us is littleness. His plan for us may be personal failure. It’s possible that when another door closes, it’s not because he plans to open a window but because he plans to have the building fall down on you. The question we must ask ourselves is this: Will Christ be enough?

Jared Wilson, You’re Going to Die (and So Might Your Dreams”

The Communion of Saints


I am reminded once again that our failures are not final, that they are mysteriously integral to our sanctification.

What this fragmentary and difficult conversation points towards is the Communion of Saints. I’m understanding this not just as a communion of perfected persons, who have left their imperfections behind them; but rather as a communion of whole lives, of whole itineraries towards God. The whole itinerary is what we constantly retell in the lives of the saints. These include even the moments of betrayal, as the Gospel story retells the moment when Peter disavowed Christ. This is not wiped out by Peter’s subsequent life. But God’s response was such that the bitter sorrow he felt when the cock crew was a step towards his apostolic life after Pentecost. God made even this a stepping stone towards sanctity, and in this meaning it belongs integrally to his life as a saint.

[Bold emphasis added]

– Charles Taylor, A Secular Age, p. 754