Ikthus Villa Angela Sermon (September 21, 2014)


SUBTITLE: How to live a meaningful life in a meaningless world.

TEXT: Ecclesiastes chapter 12


You might think that this is the end of our series on Ecclesiastes; I assure you it isn’t. This is a conclusion that isn’t a conclusion because in the Sundays to follow Pastor Andrew and Pastor Twister intend to preach some more from this book. On the other hand, it is a conclusion because our text is the last chapter of the book and verse 13 says very clearly, “The end of the matter; all has been heard.” And also we’ll be dealing with the subject of death, which is very much the conclusion of life under the sun. So “The Conclusion of the Matter” seems a most apt title for today’s message.

Now by way of introduction, let me remind you that Ecclesiastes is a pre-evangelistic book because it leads people to despair of life under the sun. And despair is either a good or bad thing: bad if you stay there, good if it leads you to seek after God. But Ecclesiastes is also for those who are already Christians, because it helps them to be realistic about life, and it disabuses their minds of the misconception that the Christian life is a bed of roses. It isn’t. Suffering and injustice afflict the righteous and the unrighteous alike, and Christians should therefore patiently endure life under the sun, make the most of it, and remain steadfast in the hope that God will make all things beautiful in his time.