Mating Calls

Wherever I turn I find distress,
the signs of weird anxiety.
The trembling chords of veiled desire
are what define reality.

The warbling calls of mating birds
outside my bedroom’s window
confirm creation’s sheer conceit
to multiply its bounty.

Is this the music of the spheres?
the sweet vibration of man’s fears?
Well, Bach himself would be surprised
by this unwarranted conclusion!

Copyright 2020 Dennis M. Cortes

I Shall Not Want

I just discovered this great song and artist while reading David Brooks’ post on the Oscar-nominated song “Alone Yet Not Alone.”

“Audrey Assad is a Catholic songwriter with a crystalline voice and a sober intensity to her stage presence. (You can see her perform her song “I Shall Not Want” on YouTube.) She writes the sort of emotionally drenched music that helps people who are in crisis. A surprising number of women tell her they listened to her music while in labor.”

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