Free Song: Great Mystery

This holy week I'll be podcasting a few of my original songs in line with the season. I hope these songs will be a blessing to you. Here's "Great Mystery" – a song about how much Christ loved us in that he laid down his life for us. Click here for the melody. Below are the lyrics:


When I ponder on the mystery of Jesus

How he gave his life and died on calv'ry's tree

That sinners might go free

He died for you and me

Great mystery!


Lord, you know that I'm not worthy

So how come you died for me

Oh, why did you love me?

You gave yourself for me

Great mystery!


When I ponder on the mystery of Jesus

How he left his throne to share our misery

He bore the cruel tree

And paid sin's penalty

Great mystery!

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Podcast Test

I’m experimenting with podcasting. And it’s really difficult!. Anyway, I wrote a worship song – just a rough draft actually, and here’s the podcast link. (You have to right click, copy link location, and paste it to your podcaster or aggregator (I believe that’s what it’s called). Anyway, here’s the link to the song itself. It’s entitled “We Will Worship You”. Hopefully, I’ll get better at this.