His sorrows spread like wildfire
Through land that’s lush with trees;
An angry conflagration
Consumes the boundaries.

Whereas before the music flowed
Through vibrant life of green,
Now scorch├ęd earth is what remains
Of dreams that might have been.

Oh, guard your heart and let not grief
Destroy the future too!
The present flames that purge the soul
Are not the end of you.

Copyright 2020. Dennis M. Cortes

(Photo by Joanne Francis on Unsplash)


Sorrow – painful sorrow –
fills my long and gloomy days.
Life’s a mixture of deep sadness
and unexpected grace.

The Lord is good and has to me
brought blessing from my pain.
But tears are my sad portion still;
they wash not sin’s deep stain.

Because I chose to disobey
and rebel in my youth,
to my life’s end I’ll always bear
the burden of this truth:

“Man reapeth what he soweth,
forgiven tho’ he be;
God loveth and chastiseth
that we may be holy!”

(Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash)