Termination of Probationary Employment (1)

Chronic Tardiness; Reasonable Standards for Regularization; No Notice and Hearing Required for Termination

Mylene was employed as a trainee-teller by a bank under a six-month probationary employment contract. She was almost always late, so the bank sent her a memorandum directing her to explain why she should not be subjected to disciplinary action for “chronic tardines” (8 times in one month). Another memorandum was sent to her directing her to explain why she should not be suspended for “chronic tardiness” on 13 occasions in one month. In her written explanations to both memoranda, she practically admitted the charges against her. She was suspended for 3 days without pay, but before the 3 days were over the suspension was lifted and her employment was instead terminated. This happened before the six-month probationary period was over. She filed a case for illegal dismissal against the bank. Continue reading “Termination of Probationary Employment (1)”